Week 10 is a risky one for the Football Shrink!

I’ve gone way out on the limb this week because I see so many good picks, picking no less than 10 games! This is risky. Every now and then it’s a good idea to roll the dice, however, and I do not think that I am doing this too recklessly. There are solid reasons and statistics to back up my picks which are as follows:  49ers -3, Bills +8, Falcons -4, Saints -4, Redskins +2.5, Dolphins +9, Bears -6, Cardinals +17, Seahwaks +10 and Cowboys +6.5.

Vegas got killed last week with so many favorites covering, so there might a tendency for Vegas to over-correct this week to making it harder for favorites to cover, hence the underdog picks assume greater priority. 6 of the 10 picks I am making this week are indeed dogs.

A 6-4 week would be great. I will take it. Anything less and I will be disappointed. Time will tell. Good luck and enjoy the action!

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