We are Past the Half Way Point – Week 9 is Here!

I cannot believe how fast this 2018 season is racing by. We are past the half-way mark. The Football Shrink is still having fun, and the overall record is now 24-20 (54%). There is nothing wrong with that when you consider the the most famous NFL handicappers in the world average 52% at best. The problem is that we have only 44 games completed. Talk with me after 440 games and 1400 games and we will definitely know if what I suspect is true or not – that we have built a methodology that can be the best in the world because it includes something too often forgotten or neglected – mental performance.

In this week 9, I was only able to make 3 solid picks. The number of picks I make each week has nothing to do with my preference and everything simply to do with what the system produces. I will not shortchange the system by just making picks to make picks. They have to be good picks. Some weeks there is only 1 good one, and in other weeks, like the past few, there have been 4 to 6 picks. That is also why it takes so long to establish if this system is brilliant or not. So far so good!

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Here is what I can offer this week 9: Jets +3 away vs. Dolphins, Steelers +3 away against the Ravens, and Lions +5 away against the Vikings. If I can get 2 of 3 right, I will consider this a major success (67%). This is not easy to do, but I will always try. I am concerned that the Dolphins might have a little bounceback in Miami at home with Brock playing good again. He is so up and down. I am more confident in the Steelers, and a little less so in the Lions, but those 5 points were too appetizing to reject.

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