Kickoff in 45 Minutes!

As I sit with a Gatorade in the club section entertainment center at Hard Rock Stadium to await the invasion of the Tennesse Titans to Miami, I am truly excited about this NFL season and this new venture at

What many don’t realize yet is how much work, smart analytics, statistical precision, and insight went into converting my already exciting Mental Performance Index (MPI) into hopefully the best prediction method for American football ever devised. Call me an idealist or delusional, or just call this smart football! The verdict will not come from rhetoric or marketing … rather, only pure performance against the spread will matter. That’s why I love this challenge. It’s honesty at best!

Follow along if you want. Time will speak. 52% is the average long term success rate in picking sides against a spread by the 37 best handicappers in the world over 15 years of picks. I don’t have to be Nostradamus to blow those best out of the water. I need a little more than 52% over hundreds of games. That seems small but some of the best were at 48 and 49%, so it’s one of the most difficult challenges on the planet to predict the future even at only 2, 3  4 or 5% above chance!

Well, I better get going. The game starts soon! Check back frequently for all the commentary and weekly picks, and good luck to you and your teams wherever you may be!

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