About the System

In its first year of official testing, the MPI system succeeded beyond all expectations! The current record after the 2018 season stands at 53 wins, 41 losses, and 3 pushes. This is a 56.38% success against the spread in picking sides. Read more about it all on this site to see why it works. Of course, I will need a couple more years and over 300 games to really establish this, but we are on the right track and way ahead of progress already!

John F Murray, PhD
AKA The Football Shrink
January, 2019


About FootballShrink.com

FootballShrink.com is the culmination of Dr. John F Murray’s 16 years of research on the science of football performance. In the early 2000s, Dr. Murray invented a new statstic called “The Mental Performance Index,” or “MPI,” to comprehensively rate the performance of a football team including how well they had performed mentally. The initial purpose was to expand our precision in understanding football team performance in order to help coaches and teams perform better and win more games. This work resulted in a book also called “The Mental Performance Index” in 2011 and revised in 2013. Beginning in 2013, Dr. Murray added a new dimension to the MPI by adapting it to predict future NFL games. After five years of serious research and countless analyses of nearly 10,000 NFL games over nearly 40 years, Dr. Murray is ready to begin posting select picks each week of the 2018 NFL season. The absolute best football handicappers in the world average 52% success in picking sides against a known line. Dr. Murray believes he can do better, and FootballShrink.com will be the site where his select picks are posted before games and archived to track progress. If Dr. Murray’s picks fare well (and many picks are needed for statistical certainty) this will provide clear addional evidence about how important mental performance is in football and all sports. Since Dr. Murray’s predictions rely heavily upon an adapted version of the MPI, he believes this unique data will allow him to do as well or better than the best football handicappers in the world. Let the fun challenge begin in 2018!

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